Tress De Moda prides itself on delivering only the very best products within every market segment we operate in, In order to ensure we are always able to achieve this goal, we have aligned our company with world class manufacturers in both Mass and Prestige product development.

With a list of customers that include many of the world’s leading brands we are confident in this alignment and fully understand the capabilities of each of our manufacturers, they in turn, also understand that we are constantly monitoring their quality control, product development abilities and commercial competitiveness and that we expect only the very best they have to offer.

We constantly work with each of our manufacturers to ensure that our product portfolio remains at the forefront of available technologies, our products must maintain the highest standards in performance, visual aesthetics, design, branding/imaging and packaging in line with our corporate ethos.

Company Strengths

  • Industry knowledge with over 25 years direct experience
  • Long term relationships with leading manufacturers in both the consumer goods and premium goods fields
  • Options for Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese or Italian Manufacturing
  • Product expertise and innovation with global patents for current and emerging technology
  • Industry connections with global brand heavy weights
  • Distribution connections within premium and mass consumer channels
  • Proven track record in this field / current product performance
  • International and domestic freight capabilities through IDS, a company owned and managed by two of the founding shareholders